Popular Hardscape Features

Creating some variance in your landscape design is one of the best ways to achieve an optimal look. When planting, designers should select a mix of shorter greenery such as lawn, shrubs, or moss; climbing plants such as vines or rose bushes; and taller plants such as trees. But while plants can be used to create more definition and depth, well designed and constructed hardscaping features really take landscape design to the next level. Hardscaping refers to the construction of man made or non-plant materials in landscape design. In most cases, hardscaping refers to the use of stone, concrete, brick, tiles, masonry, and wood to enhance the appearance and function of the landscape. At our San Diego landscape design company, Eco Minded Solutions, some of the most popular hardscape features our clients request include retaining walls, pools, driveways, pathways, and patio areas.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used to prevent a sloped area from caving in or washing away, to stop erosion, and enhance the appearance of a property. If the landscape on your property lies at two different elevations, you probably need a retaining wall to provide extra support and prevent serious damage to your home or the other structures on your property. While retaining walls serve an important functional role, they also create more definition and provide homeowners an opportunity to improve the exterior appearance of their homes. Retaining walls are often made with solid concrete blocks, poured concrete, bricks, wood, stone, and gabion. Materials can be found in a range of colors so designers and property owners can find a product that complements their needs.

Pools and Spas

Pools and spas are a great for relaxing, entertaining, and exercising. Most people have dreamed about having their own pool and spa one day, if they don’t have the luxury already. When it comes to the design of these hardscape features, property owners should work with a skilled design and construction team. The pool and spa should be constructed in a way that capitalizes on the layout of your landscape and available space, and also fits in with your desired design theme. The pool may be constructed of concrete, fiberglass and vinyl-liner; you may want a lap pool or shaped swimming pool. You may want to edge the pool with stone material or plants. Be sure to discuss all of these options with your designer before construction begins.

Driveways and Pathways

Most property owners already have a driveway, unless they are building a new home. Many do not have a series of walkways and paths that lead to the patio, pool, water feature, or other focal points of the landscape. Pathways and driveways are often made with pavers, brick, flagstone, and other materials. They may be designed in a monochromatic scheme or use two, three, or more colors to create a pattern. Like with all other hardscape features, there is vast range of options when it comes to constructing walkways and driveways.

Patio Areas

The patio is where many people spend most of their outdoor time. The patio is a place where people can gather to talk, entertain, and eat. The patio area can be made of poured concrete, pavers, stone, and wood. Wood decks are quite popular for patios that are built right off of the house. In addition to construction of the patio, many property owners add additional features such as outdoor kitchens, pergolas, built-in furniture, and built-in fireplaces or chimeras.

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